Morse Park and the Cultural Garden

Morse Park (摩士公園) is one of Hong Kong's largest city parks, with an emphasis on sports facilities for local residents, including soccer pitches, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a skateboarding park. There are trees - especially palms, shrubs such as azaleas, as well as grassy areas and flowerbeds - making it pleasant for strolling through.

morse park

Named after after Sir Arthur Morse, the head of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation during and after World War II, the park is in four numbered sections, which are separated from each other by roads.

azaleas in morse park morse park playground

Morse Park No. 3 is the northernmost and largest of the parks, and includes the soccer pitches, as well as a manicured "butterfly garden". Section No. 4, to the south, is dominated by an outdoor amphitheatre. A fountain plays over rectangular blocks in Morse Park No. 2, and the smallest and easternmost section, No. 1. has a short running trail.

A sliver of Morse Park No. 2 has been transformed into Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden. Here there are some exhibits based on elements of Chinese culture, such as the yin-yang symbol, and a sundial (curiously, indicating 1pm during a visit at after 5pm). The site includes an old well, which is reportedly several centuries old. It is fenced off, and topped with protective modern materials.

Getting there

Morse Park lies to the southwest of Wong Tai Sin station. From Exit C2, you can walk right along Ching Tak Street, cross the street at a junction, then walk through a housing estate garden to find an entrance to Morse Park No. 3.