Fung Tak Park

fung tak park dragon mosaicJust five to ten minutes' walk from Wong Tai Sin Temple, Fung Tak Park (鳳德公園) is a fun place to visit in Wong Tai Sin. It's a compact city park, with the design based on the Chinese classic story Journey to the West - known in the west as being the tale of the Monkey King, Sun Wukong.

fung tak park

Built in the mid-1990s, the park has artificial mini landscapes based on scenes in Journey to the West. These include a grotto with waterfalls, and the Five Fingers Mountain - which appears rather like a cluster of huge, upside down vases.

There are murals and a floor mosaic, too. Wall murals feature paintings based on the adventures of the Monkey King, whose tale was inspired by a pilgrimage to India, made by Buddhist monk Xuanzang. A mosaic of floor tiles outside the Crystal Palace - a circular area featuring a waterfall - portrays a splendid dragon's head.

bougainvillea men chatting in fung tak park

Trees and ornamental flowers enliven the park. There's also a children's playground.

Getting there

From the main entrance to Wong Tai Sin Temple, or exit E of Wong Tai Sin MTR station, walk east along Lung Cheung Road. The park is on the left, just before a junction with a highway (Po Kong Village Road).